by Eric G. Wilson

Over the course of reading Eric G. Wilson’s book, I found myself referring often to the author photo on the dust jacket, imagining the eureka moment when Wilson and his publisher found the image that captured perfectly the affect of a man who would write a book called Against Happiness. After all, such a man should not look, well . . . happy, should he But then how, exactly, should he look Annoyed Sad Curmudgeonly. Read more…

by Drew Hayden Taylor

It is a paradoxical truth that explaining why something is funny is intrinsically unfunny. It is perhaps for this reason that Drew Hayden Taylor, the editor and compiler of Me Funny, a motley collection of writings on the subject of native humour, decides to swing at the subject from all angles. Pieces run the gamut from straight academic analyses to excerpts from stand-up comedy routines to tale-telling and dialogic musings. Read more…

by David Rakoff

Ex-pat Canadian and long-time New Yorker David Rakoff is an extremely funny man. This, his second release (following a collection of autobiographical essays called Fraud) is for the most part an extremely funny book. Read more…