heart of darkness

by Ann Patchett

Ann Patchett’s State of Wonder is being widely touted as a kind of Heart of Darkness for gals. To be sure, the similarity goes beyond the three-word titles divided by “of.” Who’s to say that Marlow, had he lived in our times, wouldn’t have been a research scientist for a Minnesota pharmaceutical company like Patchett’s protagonist Marina Singh? Read more…

by Patrick DeWitt

Combine the casual, brutal violence of Cormac McCarthy with an English comedy of manners—P.G. Wodehouse works—add a dash of Heart of Darkness, and you get the gist of what Patrick DeWitt has done, to brilliant effect, with his second novel, The Sisters Brothers. I doubt very much I’ll read a funnier, more original book than this picaresque, Wild West tale of two murderous, miscreant brothers with the oxymoronic handle for a long time. Read more…